Order Notifier


Order Notifier is a free software created to increase orders and decrease costs for restaurants.

It enables restaurants to receive instant notifications of new orders.

Using Order Notifier, you can:


Install Order Notifier step by step on Your Computer

  1. Install Java if you don't have it installed on your computer

  2. Launch the Order Notifier Application
    • If you use Chrome, the browser may ask you to confirm download of the file, click "Keep" button to confirm
    • Open the downloaded file - the Order Notifier will start installation automatically
    • During the launch process, you will see a JAVA pop-up window with a message: "Do you want to run this application?"
    • Select the check-box "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above" and click the "Run" button
  3. Configure Order Notifier
    • Select a language
    • Copy a restaurant code and paste it in the "Restaurant Code" field
    • Copy a license key that you received and paste it in the "License Key" field Make sure that the whole license key has been copied.
    • Click the "Apply" button
    • If the restaurant code and license key are valid, you will see an alert message "Configuration was successfully applied"
    • The Order Notifier has been successfully installed and you are ready to receive orders

System Requirements

Order Notifier requires:

How It Works

Order Notifier will be automatically started each time your computer boots. It means you don't need to open it when you turn on your computer.

Please always make sure that sound on your computer is turned on and not muted so that you can hear the new order alert.

After Order Notifier is installed and set up, click on the desktop icon or tray icon to open the desktop interface.

Desktop interface allows you to:

The actual order processing takes place in the web browser interface. You can access it via a new order notification pop-up or by clicking on "View orders" button on the desktop interface.

The web browser interface for Order Notifier consists of Order List Page and Order Details Page.

Order List Page

On the Order List there is an overview of your orders. Please note, that the orders displayed there are from the last 24 hours.

New orders are always visible on the top of the list with the status "Pending". Click "Open" button to go to the Order Details Page to view and process an order.

Order Details Page

On Order Details Page there is all the information about an order. It consists of 4 sections:

Order Processing

1. New order

When a customer places an order, you are immediately notified about it by:

Once you see the notification pop-up, click on it. A new tab or window of your browser will be opened.

If you have more than one pending order, you will see the Order List Page. If you have one pending order, you will see the Order Details Page.

2. Confirming order

When you are on Order Details Page of a pending order, you can confirm an order:


What happens when a customer places order when I am offline?

In case you are offline, for instance due to internet connection problems, and there are new orders sent to you in the meantime, you will be notified about them as soon as you are online again. The rule is simple: each time you open the Order Notifier, you are notified about all pending orders.